schnappi : a german p2p success story

yesterday on german television stefan raab [tv-total] introduced joy, the extremly cute, 9 year old singer of the german kidsong-megahit schnappi about a small crocodile.

as it turns out this song is actually a P2P sucess story:

schnappi was recorded 4 years ago, when joy was 5 years old and released on a kidsong compilation.
somebody must have discovered it there and subsequentially it went viral and was spread like wildfire via email and P2P networks.
[it can still be downloaded semi-officially here. along with some remix versions and with the text to sing along. monkeypunk quite likes the beatbox version! the other remixes are shite]

the P2P success of schnappi was so huge that eventually somebody from the industry heard about it, snagged the song up and gave it a propper single release with video, website, merchandising – the whole salami.

schnappi has by now sold close to half a million times, which for the german market is a very respectable number, and it has topped the single charts in germany…

[und nein, der refrain lautet nicht “schnipp schnapp schnäbi ab”, selbst wenn die autorin, die tante der kleinen joy, eine lesbe ist…]

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