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[stuff what gots teh stuckedest in my browser whatchumacallem tabs like this past week or sumink]

:flash: snorting a kitten – apparently kitten snortage is the latest gruesome hype among the rich and famous

:flash: tommy seebach apache – this ubergay 70’s version almost managed to spoil one of the greatest tracks for me. luckily only almost… [via rocketboom]

:flash: tenbyten – “Every hour, the 10 x 10 website gathers the 100 most important words and pictures in the world, based on what’s happening in the news, including repetitions.” [via]

:flash: technorati tags – the technorati blog search engine introduces a tag system comparable to flickr or way to go semantic web, go

:flash: paintings on dollar bills – by kamiel proost [via boingboing]

:flash: the future of wikipedia – german article speculating about the future of wikipedia. are objective facts attainable in a medium like wikipedia in constant flux?

:flash: home taping is killing the music industry – and its fun – cheeky tshirts [via stay free! newsletter]

:flash: c-word – shhh dont say it. do not say out loud, which other computer by the same company the mac mini reminds you of (hint: it starts with a c and was a huge economic failure) or apple might sue you ass!

:flash: london undergroundfolksy nwabeasties vs. animalreviews – mp3s doing the rounds this week

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