the joys and perils of RSS

RSS is great.
i, like every other web-geek, can’t rave enough about its merrits.
but sometimes there is the danger of missing relevant information, if you dont actually visit a website at least every once in awhile. as its RSS-feed has become like my daily news, yet i cant even remember when last i actually visited boingboing, … so dont ask me who their guest-blogger is or how the site layout has changed…

at the beginning of 2005 warren ellis has let his cult blog diepunyhumans … errr … die
he now blogs at
on my RSS reader [shrook all the way!] i of course made the relevant changes as soon as i saw this and from then on i received warren’s “filth [his word] thataway.
but only now have i finally bothered to give the new website a visit.

well, i should have don so earlier, because as i was extermly pleased to discover warren has switched to wordpress.
and with that wordpress, to my knowledge, has its first big league blogger…

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