confuseled web hopping

i’m confuseled and i have to admit, this may not be a very sunday morning kinda post. so be warned. first lets hop to, that seems to have a very nice and clear message, one that i thought i would be able to grasp this early in the morning. cum. in the streets. but no cum to be seen just stenciled nekkid girls in various positions. “press button” the robot urges me on at, but then i find art by joel gettler that i kinda like, but kinda dont want to like. while over at gizmodo bill gates “explains” his recent comments describing open source activists as the new communists, but manages to leave me completely baffeled, as in, wait, what is he saying, dude. so on we hop to a beastie boys vs. animalreview mp3 of which i clearly miss the point, and on to a video by bruce streling “proving” that there are extraterrestrians and – is that his girl in the background? – seems completely unshocked as only seems fit for a SF writer’s daughter, if that in fact she is… so to sum up, there are days where it would clearly be better to stay in bed and snuggle up to the lovely miss punka instead of hopping around the glorious whirl wild web… there are those days.

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