should i worry?

this last night 4 comments were added to my blog; anonymously using very strange yet somewhat similar email syntax, to 4 completly unrelated posts, most of them not new posts. all of the comments were full of praise for this blog. “informative professional site” “i like your website very much” “Great site. Great content. Great! I can recommend this site to others!” “there is much I need to look into here.”
i may be completely wrong but this feels like some guy is trying to hack the comment spam protection? thats why i deleted them all. if i am mistaken, sorry a million! blame comment spammers, but we have gotten very suspicious.

edit: discussing this at the wordpress site has not brought much results. i guess all we can do is to keep switching anti-spam messures… ugh!
luckily is hosting a very complete and pretty great list of all the anti-comment-spam solutions available for WP.

edit2: google is getting onto the comment spammers case by talking to blog software developpers about automatically introducing a (rel=”nofollow”) link attribute to any feature where users can post links eg blog comments. if i understand it correctly google search bot spiders will pick this attribute up and decide not to follow these links, in that way making comment spamming effectively pointless. vely goodely!!! [via]

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