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[so many great websites – so little time]

:flash: the infamous bush inaugural speech freedom vs. liberty death match [mp3] – and freedom did take it away with a 12 point margin! [via lisa rein]

:flash: that fake polo add – the wrong! movie of the week… [oh and i am not even mentioning the maggot one. hint: has that one]

:flash: web-comics – An incomplete compendium of web-comics & related works [gracias el otro miguel]

:flash: meat katie’s essential mix – up for zactly 6 more days – grab it while u can…

:flash: share and share alike – a very optimistic article in the san francisco bay guardian by Ren Bucholz about p2p hitting it big time in 2005.

:flash: flickr workspace group – send a photo of your workspace to this flickr group started by the coolest street art blog around, [monkeypunk should submit… me thinkee]

:flash: desperately seeking cybersex – regina lynn is askin “where has all the good cyber gone” and i urge you, regina, IM me about it… icq: 12227432 yahoo: pieceoplastic aim: uhm oh i forgot that one…

:flash: radio soundhog vol5 – another state-of-the-art cut up mix [via boomselection]

:flash: french trains and the london underground – 2 excellent .mov. one is the french trains driving a point aaallll the way home. and the london underground one was last week doing the rounds as an mp3, and whatdoyouknow its a movie now… [via klav]

:flash: 50 things you are not supposed to know 2 – i loved 1, and 2 sounds even more tempting with among others these themes: Out of every 100 people, ten weren’t fathered by the man they believe is Dad / Al Qaeda attacks have increased substantially since 9/11 / Fetuses masturbate [and grown men masturbate in the fetal position – the circle is closing]

:flash: cliche finder – helps you find those catchy sentences regarding certain words that often escape us in the most crucial moments… [i think via]

:flash: – just thought i’d mention it

:flash: turn of your computer and read a book – hell yeah!

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