grafedia = hyper-linked graffiti

grafediagrafedia is a project created by john geraci at the Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU. grafedia tags are blue and underlined tags placed on public walls. once a grafedia tag has been spotted they can be sent from a mobile phone to “word” in return a corresponding media file will get sent out. the complete explanation is found here.

:ninja: :dance: :badger:
this is good! i like this project very much, because it builds a smart bridge between real-world graffiti and online digital media and thereby introduces hypertext into every day reality. sadly i think this is limited to work only in the US at this point and it will also be quite hard to turn it into an international project, because of the big mess with mobile phone providers and deals we have gotten ourselves into. maybe we could think of a version of this game where such tags will lead to a specific website with a user log-in using the word in question as a password.

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