ich glaub ich werd bloed

or: sex sells – ’til it won’t…

iRiver selling PMP, their portable videoplayers, with the aid of pornstar jenna jameson? (the article calls iRiver “pragmatic” LOL)
[via fleshbot]

mediamarkt germany selling electronic appliances in the hands of their sexiest naked female sales persons, in a collabaration with playboy.de. [via telepolis].
need a new vaccum cleaner? here’s Janine trying to convince you by hoovering her tits…
a new video cam? Madlen videotapping her pierced nipples might help to make up your mind… etc.

(mediamarkt runs the slogan: “mediamarkt – ich bin doch nicht blöd”, which roughly translates as “mediamarkt – or do you think i’m stupid”)

whats going on here? how very stupid do these guys think we are? actually, in their rethoric, i perfer stupid…

but then again it worked, because i did look at both these sites. so i AM stupid! and not even ironically so. i just am… and now i even blogged about it. so the joke’s on me.
blame hormones.

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