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:flash: Adium X. ahhh the wonderful adium X. not only does this spiffy IM-client work with all IM protocols known to man – or at least known to normal man – and it does so well, but it is also as an application as osX as they get. everything is configurable, all the various layouts, dock icons, soundsets, even smilie sets. this is truely a killer application and if they’d offer another way than paypal to pay for it, i’d gladly donate some of my dollah…

[btw. AdiumX is also to blame for the bizarre something aweful smilies making their grand appearance on this webiste, and this is not only happening because i am yet again entering into a regressive phase, which i also am, of course…
so *drumroll* here they all are:

:mario: :domokun: :badger: :pie: :megaman: :ninja: :ninja2: :nurse: :head: :fluffy: :tibet: :love: :dance:

and now go ahead, psychoanalyse me!]

:flash: after a recent visit to the museum der kommunikation here in bern, where we mostly played pacman and donkey kong on shitty iMacs with horrible joysticks, i decided to check for arcade game emulators for os X.
MacMAME emulates thousands of wonderful arcade games and its a really cool app. of course installing the ROMs = the actual game files, is illegal without the propper licenses. so we did not download any of these nor of those.

there is actually one game that is perfectly legal. Poly-Play was licensed in the former DDR, the former GDR to anglos, the german democratic republic … and since the GDR went bust, the game is now unlicensed and free to use, no?
the games included in Poly-Play are simply amazing. i think if someone would analyse this game he could pretty much illustrate everything that the GDR was about. i find it so cute that the state would commission a University to develop a video game for their youth, yet they would do it in a very PC kind of way. the pacman-imitation is called bunny and wolf and the bunny has to pick up carrots. then there is a game called wasserbruch where you have to keep a cellar from being flooded because a water pipe broke. you do this with a ridiculously small bucket, that you have to empty out up some stairs. and so forth. its all very GDR. oh and i almost forgot, the music!!!1 grim retro.

:flash: TextWrangler is barebones free version texteditor, the small cousin of BBedit and works perfectly for most my text-editing and coding needs. perfect!

:flash: btw. i have started a FavoriteSoftware list in my wiki….

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