misery peaks today. eww & pheew

tomorrow we might be over the hump. we may have reached the lowest point.
its uphill from now.
or downhill. depending on which way you look at it. the eternal glass half-full vs. half-empty debate.

‘I don’t like Monday 24 January’

Misery is expected to peak on Monday, as 24 January has been pinpointed as the worst day of the year.

‘And now for something completely dreary’

If you stumbled out of bed in the dark this morning, fell over the cat, found no milk in the fridge for your porridge, had a row with your partner, received a rude letter from the bank, got covered in snow at the bus stop and finally arrived at work in time to be made redundant, you will already know that today is the most depressing day of the year.

And if you want scientific proof, then Cliff Arnall of Cardiff University has it.

He settled on January 24 after using an elaborate formula expressing the delicate interplay of lousy weather, post-Christmas debt, time elapsed since yuletide indulgence, failed new year resolutions, motivation levels, and the desperate need to have something to look forward to.

i dont think i’ll get out of bed today…

edit: and to make things even more miserable the bloggies.2005 went up today…

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