bible based health foods

house of david is a company with a rather strange mission.
“Our goal is to bring you nutrition as God intended”

among other food items they produce the bible bar, which they call an “appetite regulator”, made up only of ingredients, that were mentioned in the book of deuteronomy in the bible, figs, pomegranats, olive oil, honey, wheat, barley and raisins.

all their products are organic, containing only natural substances “placed in them by God himself”.
oh, and of course they do have a website – who does not these days? – where we can read what house of david strives for in their foods:

1. They must be beneficial both for physical and spiritual well being.
2. They must have some identifying link to religious faith and the Bible.
3. All Bible foods must contain no additives, chemicals, preservative, etc. and be made from organic ingredients whenever possible.
4. Bible food products directly from the Holy Land are always most desirable.
5. All Bible food products should be well labeled, well manufactured, good tasting and reasonably priced.

[first read about this in stay free! magazine]

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