1. impressions: the anti-WEF non-demo/demo

decentralised demonstrating is kinda cool. i guess the city governement and the cops shot an own goal by not allowing a more classic anti-wef demonstration to take place. now the protest is spreading out all around town. the police is standing around with puzzled expressions; “where is the demonstration?” they seem to be asking. almost randomly they build roadblocks surrounding groups of protesters who are standing next to smiling shoppers with their shopping bags and children or other people just waiting for the bus. there are small groups of protesters all over the place, some had very creative ideas. a group is dressed in military gear, funky style, and marches all around town in mock parade, at times throwing themselves on the floor to perform a sneak approach. another group is dressed as cops with small mustaches, chanting “more cops, more cops”. groups of capitalists, a woman’s block, kids aganinst WEF, bands, even a group playing swiss folk music. its almost a bit surreal at times as it seems everywhere you turn there is more creative protesting going on, but so far its all quite peaceful and in good spirit.
so far.
the riots might be reserved for tonight.
with 900 cops in town some people won’t want to miss that opportunity.
to some extent this is understandable, because the cops have been doing their best to provoke the activists all day long. but today it would also be kind of sad, if things should escalate. without that the enormous cop presence would look frankly out of place and just plain ridiculous…

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