liberated books galore [updated]

free(d) books online: – politics. philosophie. fiction. etc. – poetry. fiction. in different languages. – cory doctorov short stories – php mysql manuals. webdesign manuals. mein kampf (?)

not free, at all!!!1, but quite tempting:

the daughters of freya – a book delivered to your inbox as daily emails…

edit: just found this interesting list on email narratives by scholar jill walker

from comments:

harry said: hates me. Or, I’m too stupid to figure out how it works. I couldn’t get anything out of the caches.

pieceoplastic said: hates me too.
i think there is something wrong with those links.
maybe it relies on a functionality that google has since stopped offering.
i am not a google specialist.
but the way you can get it to work in most occasions is by eliminating the cache info and just searching for the file.
eg. from this link:
just search for this file
now with exactly this file it is not working, because in early 2004 got cease and desisted because of this text (more info here:
but with most other files i checked it did work.

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