2 cool relatively new swiss blogs

i have already mentioned luci’s abartige abhandlungen, a wild blogger with a great sarcastic sense of humour from basel, who lives, i believe, in zurich. or sumink like that.

these last few days two other very cool, relatively new swiss blogs have made into my rss reader.
in both cases this kinda sucks, because they both have really excellent layouts!
in fact they both have totally amazing layouts!
so it would be totally worth visiting them often.
but as i say above: so many great websites – so little time.

s–s.net: i like the tag-line: personal babblishing! quite funny! s–s blogs since june 2004 about techy stuff, politics, graphix, more.

RHOblog: seems to just have started this january 2005 and blogs about street art, politics, flash anims and more. and this is a brilliant layout. very clear and clean and not as bloody messy as mine…

they all blog in german – as you would if you were a swiss blogger… says the swiss blogger with an identity crisis and suffering from a severe case swissogynie.

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