life is messy – and then you clean it up

hot damn..
feels like i am constantly cleaning up the mess behind myself…
what a bummer.
the glorious digital lifestyle did not fulfill much of its promise of making our lifes more simple.
instead the mess just keeps getting bigger.
instead of making things less messy, digital life has just created more spaces, where one can even create a mess.
the space, where we can create messes has dramatically expanded, it now not only includes our physical rooms in our actual appartements and our physical desks in our workspaces, it has extended virtually into our emailprogramms, messy inbox, PDAs, messy adress database, our browsers, messy bookmarks, our desktops, too many icons, our hard disks, too many mp3’s and on and on…

it feels like my life is slowly taking on an obsessive compulsive undertone.
constantly creating messes and then constantly cleaning them up.

where are the clean up bots to take care of this mess? they could be dusting our harddisks while we work…
why does apple not invent an iMess or an iClean instead of more and more sexy applications in their iLife line, which help us create more digital clutter?

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