drums of death

what happens if you put together DJ Spooky on turntables and controls, Dave Lombardo (slayer) on drums, Chuck D (PE) on vocals, Vernon Reid (living colour) on guitar and Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Manifesto) on bass and controls?

Apparently the album Drums of Death has just been finished and will be released April 26th on Thirsty Ear.
A single “B-Side Wins Again”? featuring Chuck D will be released February 22nd.

The full track listing and credits are:

1. Universal Time Signal
2. Brother’s Gonna Work It Out
3. Quantum Cyborg Drum Machine
4. Guitar DJ Tool Element
5. Metatron
6. Assisted Suicide
7. Kulter Krieg
8. Sounds From Planet X
9. B-side wins Again
10. Incipit Zarathustra
11. A Darker Shade Of Bleak
12. The Art Of War
13. Terra Nullius
14. Public Enemy #1
15. Obscure Disorder
16. Particle Storm

DJ Spooky: Turntable/Beats
Dave Lombardo: Drums
Chuck D: Vocals
Vernon Reid: Guitar
Jack Dangers: Bass & guitar
Additional Vocals: Dalek & Meredith Monk
Produced by DJ Spooky & Jack Dangers

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