liberate this film: Eyes on the Prize [updated]

Downhill Battle – Eyes on the Screen: Share Eyes on the Prize in Your Community

Downhill Battle is now distributing copies of the legendary civil rights documentary “Eyes on the Prize”, which has been unavailable for ten years due to copyright restricitions. We are working to organize nationwide screenings on February 8.

“I would call upon everyone who has access to ‘Eyes on the Prize’ to openly violate any and all laws regarding its showing.”
Lawrence Guyot, Former leader of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

for the torrents click the images:

eyes on the price
part 1

eyes on the prize
part 2

eyes on the prize

edit: eventhough this protest screening is geared very much towards the US, it also concerns their copyright laws etc, i have decided to try and organise a screening on the 8th of february at 8 here in bern, switzerland. hopefully @ cafe kairo. i’ll update here.

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