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[so many great websites – so little time]
[or: stuff what got stuck in my browser tabs this last week or so]

:flash: – teaser site for the new chris morris series. wooooooo. bring it on already.

:flash: – the 2 broadcast designers mike goedecke and kane roberts talk about inspiration and invention, sort of yucky in parts, messagewise, but extremly well done. long download 45 minute .mov [via personal babblishing]

:flash: dsico: you fight like a girl – excellent new album by this ex-bootlegger/mashupper. they call it “raw electronic alt pop”… try walking, modulations or rescue to find out what they mean.

:flash: the friday project – fitness to practice – the cancer fundraiser album (and home of the london underground song – these guys are doctors?!)

:flash: the beast 50 most loathsome people in america 2004 – wait, bush is behind kerry? okay, the explanation works: “managed to lose to the most hated president in American history by virtue of his total inability to convincingly portray himself as a human being”.

:flash: turning the tables on spammers – wired article re: spammer con @ MIT

:flash: the thought project – life snaps by simon høgsberg. fun to read what these people were thinking when their photograph was taken.

:flash: hack the bid – i guess a few people really dont want the olympics in london.

:flash: monkey licks window – we want this monkey to come lick our windows clean, please.

:flash: someone comes to town, someone leaves town – excerpts from cory doctorow’s new novel

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