you can read it in the sunday papers

:flash: most upsetting, a double-page spread with an add for mammut ski gear. it shows a snowboarder walking right smack through what looks like an anti-wef demonstration, obviously unphased by the waterthrowers the police is employing against the protesters. not funny. just dumb.

:flash: 300 anti-wef demonstrators yesterday saturday 29.1. in basel encircled by 500 cops and only allowed to leave if they agree to show ID’s. most protestors from zurich were arrested upon arriving at the trainstation.

:flash: with apple and microsoft moving closer and closer, apple behaving more and more like microsoft, shall we start calling it applehard?
sonntagszeitung lists all the “evil” deeds apple has commited over these past few months against bloggers/journalists and by blocking iPod against non iTunes content with a firmware update. die dunkle seite des apfels = the dark side of the apple.

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