queer beer & naive politicians

file this under: strange, strange switzerland… today i read in the newspaper [20 min] the following:

queer beer a. there is now a new swiss beer aimed towards the gay community. so far so good. the problem is, they call it queer beer.
unfortunately according to the urban dictionary queer beer means bad beer. the slogan “proud to be queer” does not really save things if you read it as “proud to be a bad [beer]”.
so lets just hope that the beer for gays is not too queer. link

b. local neo-politician wasserfallen jr. has voiced some brilliantly naive thoughts on how to get rid off the graffiti “problem” in bern. he wants to get to these “vandals” via their conscience.
here’s his plan: he wants to set up a fund containing a certain amount of money per year. from this fund the yearly graffiti clean-ups get financed. so far so good, but here’s the kicker: whatever stays in the fund at the end of the year would then go to charity.
he says: many a graffiti artists will certainly start to question himself once he realises that because of him less money goes to children with cancer. what to say…
[oder: das wasser fällt nicht weit vom stamm]

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