wp 1.5 in gamma

:flash: WordPress has bumped its latest release to 1.5 gamma.

will i upgrade?
heck no. as usual i opt for the whimpy approach and will maybe possibly update as soon as this hits something like stable 1.536.077

i knowww… whimpy! but hey i have very low frustrationstoleranz.

[luci, who is a very brave brave man (as well as an excellent cook preparing exquisite meals for his girlfriend(s)!), has already upgraded…]

:flash: nuclear moose candy has published an interview with matt mullenweg and ryan boren about wp 1.5: the inside scoop.

:flash: and somewhat unrelated but still quite interesting: the register has published an exclusive interview with a comment-spammer.

nice! but in my opinion they should have arrested him instead. or maybe first interview and the arrested him. but hey… i have no ethics.

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