Roots Manuva: too cold video

Roots Manuva: Too Cold Video


Witness the Finalists
Bait thy breath and unhook yourselves, here are the finalists of the ‘Witness (1 Hope)’ remix Competition. A huge thankyou to everyone who entered. The standard was extremely high and we had a great time listening to everyones remixes, in which there were 435 entrants! The below finalists are to be judged by Roots himself. Check back in a couple of days for the Winner!

Julien Canarena, Emjay, Carlos Presents, Ian T (Iscape), Karaoke Tundra, Brian Pemberton,
Prinz Valium, Steven J.Hearne, Andreas Jonsson, D.Mass, Volker Gebhardt, Silvain Hachler,
Kapusi Balazs, Scott Graham, Ghost, Jay Le Tham, Jerome Thomas, Spuzkopter, Robert Wiley, RJ Marshall, Semper-Fi, MEX, Marbert Rocel, Captain Sweepstakes.

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