RFID desensitization bis & cows are evil

:flash: awhile ago i blogged about the kids museum of technology in zurich switzerland, that has started to use RFID chips in visitors braclets.
in that way a future generation is desensitized to a life with RFID everywhere.

now the organisers of the soccer worldcup 2006 in germany have announced that they intend to place RFID chips in their tickets. naturally quite some resistance is mounting against this. anti-RFID activists point out, that the unfairness of this approach. while in other domains the resistance against RFID is maintained, in this case people are so crazy about getting tickets for worldcup soccer games, that they will be willing to accept anything. sneaky.
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:flash: meant to blog this all week: did you know that the lilac cow is evil? the domaine battle between milka.fr and milka.com has hit the courts on tuesday this last week.
will this despute between the french seamstress [first name: milka, website background: yellow] and the chocolate giant [chocolate brand, website background: lilac] turn into the next toywar?

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