google.maps & coffeyville

google.maps was launched in beta. and its really quite amazing. i wonder if they plan to add other countries after the US?
but already it came in handy. thanx to this handy tool i was able to reconstruct all the adresses of where i lived during my 6-year stay in san francisco.

interesting fact: if you load the map and without selecting a search focus in all the way, it loads 4300 road in coffeyville at the border of kansas, missouri, oklahoma and arkansas.
is that the geographical middle of the US or is it a statement about coffee or maybe even about blue states?

[via boingboing. re: boingboing: i am not at all sure how i feel about boingboing introducing adds to their rss-feeds. i mean, its like the daily news, they do an excellent job, all respect to them. but aren’t they opening a ground here that should not have been opened?]

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