arsty stuff in switzerländli (or close by)

:flash: note to self: do not miss the chapham brothers in bregenz. do not! not! no no! go! must!

the chaphams in bregenzthe chaphams in bregenzthe chaphams in bregenzthe chaphams in bregenz

:flash: friday 11. february 2005 finissage of the excellent exhibit incredible subjects by sistm plattform 11 körnerstrasse 11 8005 zureich. i love this guys work. its teh excellenceness…
for some strange reason some swiss bloggers have decided to hate this guy. i don’t understand this at all. so what if he was on tv and if tv messed up their coverage… duh.
that’s what tv does.
that’s why we need blogs!

i dont like switzerland much, it’s the mentality, but when some swiss bloggers start to behave worse than narrowminded farmers, its just sad. it kills me.

sistm - incredible subjectssistm - incredible subjects

:flash: san keller und costa vecce in geneva till march 19th. another must. but hell, bregenz and geneva are about as far apart as possible in switzerland – and i am aware that bregenz is in austria, i am…

san keller attidudes

:flash: and, last and very much last, if you must see incredibly bad swiss media art on the worst ever website (a browserresizing, pop-uping, javascripting hellhole of a website, in fact) you must check out – i can’t make you not click, knock yourself out, but don’t say i did not warn you. otherwise avoid this, please… it was funded by pro helvetia! [only milk is sort of okay – and only the uncensored version]

:flash: speaking of which, the controversial hirschhorn exhibit in paris, that lead to a pro helvetia budget-cut imposed by the swiss parlaments (i blogged about this scandal here) has closed shop last week and as it turns out it drew a very big crowd of 30’000 visitors in two months. that compares well with quite a few other swiss funded art shows: the swiss institute in new york has about 10’000 visitors – and thats per year. internationally renowned migros museum für gegenwartskunst in zureich scrape together 20’000 – again per year. and the biggest 2 month exhibit so far in the centre culturel in paris drew 12’000 visitors – and that was for robert frank.

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