(fast) gemeinsam gegen rassismus

morgen ein weiteres kantons derby zwischen yb – thun. hmmm, war da nicht was beim letzten spiel???

fast gemeinsam gegen rassismus

[in engrish: tomorrow’s cup tie derby between yb and fc thun brings up some unpleasant memories. the last game between the regional rivals stood under the sign of an international anti-racism campaign launched by fare – an occasion that yb star striker stephane chapuisat could not miss to (allegedly) call thun defender selver hodzic a “scheissjugo” (scheiss = shit, jugo = pejorative term for an ex jugoslavian) – even though he had been on the high gloss flyer handed out around the ground that day.]

in somewhat related news: fare – football against racism in europe is asking people’s opinions about the nike stand up, speak up campaign. that will be interesting to see…

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