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:flash: its not looking bleak all the way in the torrent world as can be checked here: torrent site status

:flash: and here’s a healthy reaction to the recent MPAA unfriendly take-over of lokitorrent: the MPAA vs an army of mice [via]

There are websites that provide tethered downloads. We’re not fooled.

This website has been erected out of consumer outcry over the passing of sites that facilitate the free availability of perpetually copyrighted motion pictures. The unauthorized downloading of motion pictures denies thousands of dishonest, lazy executives of their crack smoking livelihood, and is the only way to bring an artistically bankrupt monopoly under control. Downloading movies without authorization violates laws distorted beyond their original intent, is not tangible theft, and is impossible to stop. You can’t catch everyone. The only way to win is to stop waging war on your own customers and accept the fact that we are in control, not you. You brought this on yourselves.

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