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:flash: stefano mazzocchi – please stand by while we reboot the web…

the keynote speaker asks the question “what if bill gates would have been proven right?”, what if all software would now be source protected, proprietary, corporate owned. he might be preaching to the already converted. but i guess, keynote is allowed to do that. i hear my first ever italian speak english without a trace of an italian accent.

:flash: benno luthiger – fun matters

this guy has conducted a study to determine what drives people to write open source software. he asked people working in open source and in commercial software development about the motivations and aspects of their work reality and analised their responses. fun, reputation, inventivness is what drives open sourcers. vision, deadline and monetary gain is what drives commercial coders. it is of course much more complex, than i make it sound now.

:flash: christian laux – open source licenses

there are more than 50 different, accepted open source licenses out there and christian laux attempts to bring some order to this mess. generally speaking, people should try to license software within an existing license. custommade licenses only for very good reason.

:flash: urs gehrig – open content

opencontent.org definition: content is everything that is not executable. u. g. quotes andrea mazzocchi “the problems we are facing now with open source software will be nothing compared to the problems we will be facing with open content…”. creative commons licenses are where its at, where its happening. i ask a question and i receive a CC-tshirt! wOOt.
oh, what did i ask?
1. since now there is no localised swiss version of a CC license does it still make sense to license it with the generic license? yes! very much!
2. will the first real test for CC not be a first major court case, possibly in the US, and only then will we be able to say what CC is worth? yes and no. the CC license stands on very solid legal grounds, as many very smart lawyers have worked on it. but a court case could in fact determine quite much of the future. the lawyers in the house are optimisitc.

:flash: tristan nitot – mozilla foundation

a been-there-done-that kinda speech. spread firefox spread firefox spread firefox! duh. “we are gonna make this ugly blue E dissapear”. i witness my first french person speak english with almost no accent. is there a patteeern eeemerging???

:flash: i am teh pooped. home, nap…


edit: nick lüthi, der bund, interviews mike j widmer & christian laux openlaw.ch about gpl licenses and such. Wie freie Software juristisch «funktioniert» – in german. [i thought] it would be available for free online only one day, because der bund was one of the many stupid newspapers, who made todays content available for free, but in order to view yesterdays articles you have to pay. say what????????!! but i stand corrected, i was just informed that this policy has been changed, and the articles are now available 1 month! [thanx nick]

edit. next day:

georg c.f. greve – the origins of free software

a very clear, very eloquent speech, but for some reason i completely forgot what greve said.
is that a good sign?
was his speech subliminal?
was i getting hypnotised?
is this why i am currently downloading a gnoppix livecd bootable on ppc? in beta mind you.
is that why i wear a CC tshirt and a stuffed pinguin sits on my desk?
brave GNU world.


here comes the pain, monnnn. me, wimp, i do not play. tried it in linz a few years ago and i have this uncontrolable reflex whenever the electroshox hit me. monkeypunk gets plastered. twice. here hands are pretty swollen. still.

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