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:flash: dj zebra valentine mix – this fab mix was made on valentines day, but not released on it. so this makes this mix is as follows: teh fantasticest! ace dj zebra ware.

:flash: the $100 latop – clint witchalls’ guardian article about the MIT $100.- laptop

:flash: cory doctorow: i, robot – cory’s latest short story

:flash: let’s learn english! – this is an actual conversation between condi & dubya, honest like [thanx rafi!]

:flash: baby disco – oh lovely… them french man… [via bb]

:flash: b3ta corner: spastic muppet dj & farting pig – wooo & wOOt [missie w!]

:flash: the difference between breakdancing & british breakdancing – british breakdancing IS only mildy funny, but hey… [via sis & 4rthur]

:flash: fuck you and your SUV 1 & 2 – aha, american political grassroot campaigns taking another spin.

:flash: murakami official website – trust me, flash websites will soon be against the law. but we forgive almost anything to the veneral murakami, dont we? [via el otro miguel]

:flash: a parent’s primer to computer slang – this is another episode of microsoft snitching… kill it! fast! [via stay free!]


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