swissgerman dialect saves album sales

:flash: yesterday i watched nip / tuck , aka watching-tellie-half-hidden-behind-a-huge-pillow-because-of-the-gorey-bits, and i was quite relieved. lately i had wondered why i watch this show. plastic surgery is just so pathetic and, in most cases, wrong and did this show not in some way just blur the issue? but in this episode the doctors troy and mcnamara fought for a very worthy cause… only to fuck it up again by pitcdhing it to the media. but i guess you had to be there…

:flash: one can surely wonder about the swiss german dialect. i mean, what is it good for? besides, of course, pissing the germans off, because they dont understand what we are saying when we speak it.
and especially since some swissgerman dialect are us ugly as things can go in the world of dialects and sound more like severe throat infections than anything else (yeah, i mean you, st. gallen), i don’t think i can find a valid answer to that question.
well, apparently the swiss music retailers can. they have announced, that this last year music cd’s sold by swiss dialect musicians have saved the otherwise decreasing cd sales in switzerland.
but since they blame mostly the p2p phenomenon (and not maybe the morose music industry and other possible reasons?) for these decreases in cd sales, maybe it would be high time to start p2p-ing some dialect music as well… hmmm.
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:flash: no such concerns for the little red monkey. the best part comes towards the end:

“little red monkey, little red monkey, won’t you stay for tea?”
“uhh uuhh ah ah ahhe”
“he said yes!”

remember: monkeys are good people!
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:flash: maya hayuk has got to be one of my favorite artists, perfectly bringing her street art influences onto canvas. as far as web pages go, this page so totally works!
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