scorpion lollies


:flash: since i read about it in the lamest newspaper of switzerland, at least of the frenchspeaking part, yeah le matin, i am sure this is way old, but still, here it comes: care for a scorpion lollypop?
no worries, if scorpion is not your flava they also come in ants and worms…

:flash: i read somewhere – and i forgot where – that this was hunter s thompson’s last article. was it? i didn’t see a date. hmmm…
it’s got bill murray in it. so.

:flash: i cross my fingers, because my powerbook (aka schlepptop) has been purring nicely of late. its still funny (and it won’t jinx my machine like the last time i made fun of apple) to see some of the bizarre mac errors out there. i actually had a variant of this one before. [thanx klav]

:flash: video corner: – hmmm, i can’t decide if i find this wrong wrong or cool wrong… often a subtle distinction that. – no such problems here. besides being a tidbit namedroppy, this is a great virtual assembly of all the hiphop greats… but uhm, mc hammer?

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