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:flash: feedbeep – SMS alerts to your phone or pager about any RSS feed – hell no! or? maybe. hmm… [via waxy]

:flash: deconstructing the wall – pink floyd the wall mashups. some of them are not very well done, but i guess this is mashup negativland style. so still very cool. [via bb]

:flash: blanket copyright licensing fees on mp3 players – suisa is like the riaa for switzerland. they have proposed to introduce a blanket copyright licensing fee on all mp3 players sold in switzerland. because mp3 players can be used to record music. the same fees already applies to cd’s, every purchased blank cd is charged with a small fee. this is a very angry rant reacting to this proposition. in german. i would think the solution is quite simple, buy your mp3 players on your next trip to another country. [via sis]

:flash: madness magazine – cute, new, b3taesque web comic [via 4rthur]

iron hymen spoof:flash: iron hymen – is this a spoof sexual abstinence site? or is it a sexual abstinence site trying to be cool??? hmmm [thanx el g4to]

:flash: darwin in dub – darwinan theory toasted over dubby beats. strange? hell yeah. samples: 1 2 3 [via 4rthur]

:flash: twenty questions – some guy asks all our bootleg heroes 20 questions. they are all there: james hyman, dj zebra, loo&placido, frenchbloke… and there are some mp3 bootleg samples for every artist.

:flash: mario spoofing that lipsyncing dude – he he [via sis]

:flash: freed – kotke went pro-blogger and answers all the pressing questions here, like “do you ever see yourself buying a white suit and becoming the architect?” [via waxy]

:flash: worst tv clips of the week – neat. this is the parents television council list of inappropriate tv clips, updated weekly. so we can really study those clips to understand how wrong they are [via stay free!]

:flash: podcastery: the uptones: radiation – the california ska legends latest track & prefuse73: PaginaDosFeatTheBook – bleep gives out 1 mp3 for free. well, at least 1… [via de:bug]

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