r we creative commies after all?

the revolutionary ethics of cybernetics are irrepressible, transformational, even downloadable. […]
economically, cyberculture is a digital communist: open-source, shareable, distributed according to need, not imprisoned in copyright.
socially, cyberculture is a born anarchist: emergent, flexible, self-organizing, a matter of mutual (digital) solidarities, not bureaucratic hirearchical authority.
politically, cyberculture is syndicalist: its very method of organisation a matter of distributed knowledge, cooperative sharing of information, creative forms of dissent, emergent ways of organising.
culturally, cyberculture is implicitely communitarian: blogs are incipient models of digital democracy, net activism is all about collective solidarity, flash mobs may be the first signs of a digital Paris commune.
in the midst of the contemporary history of reactionary politics, the logic of (digital) history will not long be denied.

arthur krocker: beams of light – adbusters # 57 vol 13 number 1


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