freedom fries?

or: is america going bonkers on a collective scale ???
americans could not say pommes frites, so they called them french fries, and now – in protest against chiracs opposition against the US war-mongering – they start calling them freedom fries.
well, guess what they were never called french fries to begin with – the english call them chips [and chips are called crisps there] and even the germans manage to say “pommes” – AND they were invented in belgium, so they should have been called belgian fries.
how about french bread ???
do americans call it freedom bread now? please, don’t even bother, because this type of bread is called “baguette”, you morons!
as funny as this is, it also so scary.
it looks so childish, like the bully in the sandbox, used to dominating all the time, and now he is all hurt in his pride, when someone dares to oppose him.
americans! take a collective chill-pill and realise that you are being brainwashed!
or else i ll come over and french kiss you all after i poured french dressing all over you.

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