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:flash: one of the nicer roll-over buttons i have seen in awhile, left is up, right is onClick, found on the new website by hive designkollektiv, austria.
[via vitamin source. in the same newsletter: mp3 1 and 2]

:flash: al4ie [ midrange-to-uberhoncho] has started his blog called rant click.
teh woooness!
my secret list of people who really should have a blog is fast decreasing. two weeks ago the stay free! magazine crew started their blog. now al4ie. only chuck palahniuk, tom kummer, james hillmann, san keller, john lydon, francesco clemente, genesis p. orridge and last but not least monkeypunk to go]
correction: genesis p. orridge does have a blog, of sorts… and its of course NSFW, but need i say? and here are genesis p. and his family as seen by thee ovver mikael.

:flash: asofterworld joel is blogging his novel lockpick pornography, gently asking for donations so he won’t get kicked out of school. your chance to be patron of the arts.

:flash: another guy is asking for donations with much more vigor @ if we don’t donate $ 50’000 this guy threatens to kill and eat toby, this lovely bunny! he’s even got recipes online.
and speaking of bunnies: pictoplasma is holding a bunny call for entries.

___THE ESSENCE OF RABBIT – call for entries
Bunny overkill? There’s no such thing!!! And just to prove it we want to invite you to submit your character designs of rabbits, bunnies, hares and everything in between. We will then indulge in a full-scale bunny overdose, resulting in a special limited edition best-of-bunny poster, gift wrap and wall paper. A highly-distilled and deliciously flavoured “essence du lapin”!
If you’d like to take part, please send your lil’ buck-toothed creations as an uncompressed TIFF measuring 1000 x 1000 pixels at 300 dpi, against a white background, as an attachment to: (accompanied by your copyright info)
We’re hopping with joy already!

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