stöckchen werfen

ich habs vom habi gekriegt.
blame habi.

1. wieviel gigantische bytes an musik sind auf deinem computer?
1. how many GB of music are on your ‘puter?

d: 4GB auf meinem schlepptop und etwa 23 x soviel auf meiner externen hd.
e: 4GB on my laptop and about 23 x as much on my external HD.

2. die letzte cd, die du gekauft hast, ist?
2. the last CD you bought?

roots manuva: awfully deep – and it is! deep! not awful!

3. welches lied hast du gerade gehört, als dich der ruf ereilte?
3. what song were you listening to when this call reached you?

d: gerade gar nix, ist schon genug lärm im haus, die ärsche bauen bei uns das nachbar haus um.. damn.
aber kurz vorher have ich mir diesen roots manuva: witness remix angehört.
e: nothing at the moment, because there is already enough noise in the house. bastards are remodeling the neighboring house.
but shortly before i was listening to this roots manuva: witess remix.

4. fünf lieder, die dir viel bedeuten oder die du oft hörst:
4. five songs that mean alot to you, or that you listen to often:

[damn, only 5???]

roots manuva: witness [best hiphop track ever? and all the brilliant remixes that are now floating around]

boards of canada: aquarius [anything by boards of canada actually… are they god? or the devil maybe?]

buzzcocks: orgasm addict [as a stand in for all the brilliant punk classics]

a guy called gerald: voodoo ray [as a stand in for all the brilliant dance classics]

lee scratch perry: outter space [as a stand in etc.]

5. wem wirfst du den stock zu?
5. who should go next?

monkeypunk, who despite this image is not maso.
al4ie, who never buys a cd.
el otro miguel, because i so wonder about his musical tastes.
bernergazette cru, lets here it cru…
luci, mal sehn was der schweinepriester meint. edit: er meint dies
[i would also add sis, because he sucks, but habi already did] edit: sis says this.

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