applies CC-license to its archive has been the host of choice for many of the free mp3 netlabels here in europe. apparently lately they have had quite a few requests by musicians to take down works that have been previously uploaded and to thus remove them from the public domaine. has now announced that they have applied a creative commons license to all works in their archive past, present and future. staff has been receiving a lot of requests to remove files from artists whose previously-uploaded works have been sold to a commercial entity. Some of these requests have been polite, few have been not so polite and then there have been down-right threatening demands with associated legal language.

As you know, exists as an archival and distribution service for the good of the community, run & supported by the members of the community. I’m sure you understand that we do not have the resources to continue to handle these requests nor defend ourselves should someone decide to initiate legal proceedings. Thus, we are investigating options to protect ourselves without taking away any rights from the creators of the works.

Chief among these options is requiring a CC (CreativeCommons) license for all works in the archive — both past & present.

We realize this is a major change, and thus would very much welcome any comments and suggestions from our users through the discussions area. Should you be or know someone who is legally-savvy in these matters, we would very much welcome an opportunity to consult with you directly.

should be interesting to see how this develops. here’s the discussion.

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