witness.mid/die already/new job: chickenblower

:flash: sir rocket of spamshirt.com and red-rocket-blog has sent me this: witness.mid; roots manuva’s witness = my favorite hiphop track of all times, and dont even get me started on the dub remix. who done it? i dunno. but its cool!

swissies! roots manuva will be playing live @ rote fabrik in zureich on 19.3., i hope i can motivate my lazy bones to make it… i know, sad! but hey, why do concerts have to start so fcuking late, way past my bedtime?

:flash: nouvo, excellent tv magazine about media, advertisment and technology on swiss-french tv channel TSR1, had a report yesterday about the media presence in rome waiting for the pope to byte the dust soon. apparently some top american news channels have been renting top-locations worth millions of dollars for years already. i just imagined the little accountant somewhere fussing over having thoughts like “oh come on pope, die already”.

the report can be seen here, in french only, of course… [caution: this might resize your browser. ugh]

:flash: this crafty use of a leafblower gave rise to a new profession: the chickenblower.
now there’s a job with a future.
as they said over @ 4rthur: this is NSFVegetarians

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