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:flash: “Catfight magazine is a female graff/streetart magazine. The first issue will be a digital version which you can download from the web. It’s possible it will be a internet magazine, but if it really takes off it might be printed after the first issue. Now my question to you is to join this projekt and to send in your works, real foto’s or 300 dpi digital images on cd
We want flicks of: streetbombing/tags/trains/stickers/posters/stencils/throwups/legal walls/sketches/expo’s etc…
>>>as long as it is made by females
send to: [that email adress: LOL]

[the image reminds me of the latest issue of frenzine, of course]

[via wooster]

:flash: frenchbloke dj mix: everything you do is wrong – i downloaded this mix awhile ago and finally got around to listening to it. me likee. a wildly creative and very raw, widerange mix. get it while its still up.
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:flash: miss wurzel† has flickred her chapman brothers in bregenz photos.
damn honey, were we at the same show?
we of course were, but it just goes to show how two pairs of eyes see things different. very surreal.

:flash: .wmv [via rant click.]

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