bill killed. true original soundtracks

thomas mayer has released the quirky cd bill killed. true original soundtracks made up entirely of sounds and dialogues taken from movies, as he explains it:

Electronic musicians have been trying for years to make sounds that allude to movie scores. At the same a certain Quentin Tarantino manages to provide honour to old, nearly vanished movie genres, and at the same time adds old, nearly vanished pop music to his soundtracks, whose CDs sell like hot cakes. But the true sountrack is neither the score, nor the embedded pop music, but the noises and dialogues in the movies.

great idea, but the “music” is relatively hard on the ears at times.
i quite like papa leone based on samples from the movie “C’era una volta il West” (1968) by Sergio Leone and my rhythm styck using samples of the movie “The Punishment of Anne” (1976) by Radley Metzger.

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