ruff linkage . 200511

[stuff what got stuck in my browser tabs this last week or so]

:flash: etech san diego – the o’reilly emerging technology conference is starting next week 14.-17. in san diego. theme: remix. oh look, how great the line up of speakers is and oh how much we would like to be there, but oh how we so could not afford to. but i am sure there will be plenty of blog coverage, live streaming and blogobuzz about this, so the rest of the world won’t totally miss out.

:flash: auction for steven kurtz – critical art ensemble – CAE – is organising an auction to support the indicted artist steven kurtz – there is also a support letter, if you have not signed that already… [which i hadn’t… shame on me]

:flash: chipmunk: servicenummern – mac users can input their serial numbers and this database will give them all kinds of info, like, model, date of production, toxidicity load … just kidding with this last one, but the rest is true.

:flash: livejournaled suicidenote – a guy blogs his suicide note, gorey! whatever the fcuk next???

odd corner:

:flash: string-emil – a horrible horrible website about a guy in thongs with thacky ass midi sound. please go away.

:flash: – it says here: Domen nicht korekt eingegeben oder gespert [your guess is as good as mine]

:flash: Chicago Police Department Registered Sex Offender Profile – with a massive ADODB.Field error ?! WhateverTF that means… a db error, we are guessing.

:flash: ein prosit – after these attrocities you deserved this… prosit.

german ecke:

:flash: denn sie wissen nicht was sie tun – the biggest scandal this week in the german blogosphere, spiegel online has copied large parts of a text about the situation in rwanda from, without referencing the source. the comma misakes is what gave them away… which teaches us this: thiefs, if you steal content at least shuffle the commas around abit. [via waxy]

:flash: wie wird das eigene blog bekannt? – tipps and tricks to get more readers on your blog, most importantly he says: “have fun”. [via]

:flash: machinima deutschland – alles über filme die in PC spielen gedreht werden – all about movies made in pc games [or: another reason to get a PC? that makes 2 reasons after audio mashup software acid a few years ago]

flash corner:

:flash: nakie lady – a nekkid lady rides a bicycle down a hill and you get to choose how to kill her. file under: creative carnage. [via 4rthur]

:flash: dumb-blind – noice french leafthrough flash mag [via digitalrefueler]

:flash: help bush and queen elisabeth kill terrorists – game that does just that… [via 4rthur]

:flash: pianographique – funky synth keyboard jam

music corner:

:flash: filewile: swim phul – a brandnu filewile track ready for dl

:flash: the tequila brass – tamla meets tijuana – ton’s album of the moment. fantastic cover, awesomely weird music, tequila brass band playing some classic classics. if you must, try: i’ve passed this way before or stop, in the name of love.

:flash: song fight & remixfight – two websites with weekly remix challenges. for music mashups what the b3ta photoshop contests are for photoshoppery. [via bb]

swiss scandal corner:

:flash: wired – swiss german newsagent monopoly holder kiosk ag has sacked wired magazine. a right scandal that! i mean, they literally carry every shite rag in the whole damn world, but they sack wired ??? the world is teh doomed. or: another reason to move to the french part of switzerland soon, because naville still carries it.


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