of mashups and mobile downloads

:flash: wooster mobile – streetart blog woostercollective.com has released a download service where background images, wallpapers, for mobile phones can be downloaded. they claim the service works worldwide. i have not tested it yet, but i might. some of the images on offer are really very cool.

Our goal with the Wooster Mobile project is to provide artists with a new revenue stream and at the same time, generate funds for a terrific cause. Each artist receives a royalty payment from every download you make of their work. In addition, all of the Wooster Collective revenue is being donated to a wonderful non-profit organization called Keep A Child Alive. Keep A Child Alive provides life saving drugs to children and families who are dying of AIDS in Africa simply because they don’t have access to the drugs that can save and prolong their lives.

wooster mobile

:flash: more ccc mashups – ccc, who recently released the revolved beatles mashups, has made a few other mashups available for a limited time only. i want pity – george harrison: isn’t it a pity vs. the jackson 5: i want you back – seems prophetic with what jacko is trying to pull in court these days.

:flash: dj zinc vs. beastie boys(audio/mpeg Object) – nice drum’n’bass beastie treatment by vulga.

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