For the fourth year now, the organizers of Memefest, a “festival of radical communication,� are encouraging students of communications, sociology, and visual and design arts, to contribute their talents to our collective counter-culture.

Memefest departs from the principle that there is too much talent and knowledge being wasted in advertising and marketing industries, and the spreading of negative infectious ideas. But there is hope. Together, we can explore how ideas are and can be spread, replicating themselves in a manner akin to viruses without human effort. These disseminated ideas are called memes. The goal that Memefest sets out for its participants is to generate and replicate more positive and beneficial ones.

taking Douglas Rushkoff’s text Nowhere to Hide as a starting point graduate and undergraduate students of Communication Studies, Sociology and Visual Arts are asked to contribute critical thought and works.
non-students are asked to contribute in the beyond category:
– What is wrong with Market-style communication.
– Can we dream our way out of market culture and its devices?

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