pieceoplastic.com is wp1.5ified

you may have noticed that i redid some stuff here @ pieceoplastic.com.
the blog is now running wordpress 1.5.
the subpages, mixes.php and moblog.php are now dynamic pages in the wp db.
which means they just might get updated more frequently in the future. pheew…
edit: wordpress – a shitty name, an awful logo, an ugly as fuck admin interface (not mine anymore), but excellent software, and all the rest would be easy to fix…

i also uploaded a new mix. well, actually its an old mix…


free tibet mix cover art

VA. : FREE TIBET MIX – RAW – a selectah j mix done as a hommage to the 40 years tibet in exile aniversary. here in its raw mix, because on the original i went abit wild on samples. its on my list to redo the mix with samples. musically its still one of my all time faves
[41.3 M | 128 kpbs | mai 1999]

some mixes are slightly rough. but hey. more info here.

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