snipplets 5

::: generally i am totally in favor of public urination and i am convinced, that those opposed to it are just jealous, because they can’t do it, and usually female. but when asparagus is in season i think public urination should be prohibited and prosecuted by the most restrictive measures.
it’s quite enough having to deal with my own asparagus pee stench in the morning, thank you.

::: dioufy must have gotten it mixed up somehow, it’s the glasgow rangers who are bad, celtic is cool!
in case you have not read about the spitting striker [guardian], apparently el hadij diouf [currently one of my current favorite players], got into spits against some celtic fans during the recent celtic-liverpool uefa-cup game.

::: i don’t know, if i still like dave barry. in his newest column, which usually has me laughing in stitches, he is making fun of the conflict between the french and the americans, saying among other things: we simply cannot allow a close relationship like this [refereing to the one between the us and france] to be destroyed, because some silly little disupte over who gets to run the world.
i mean i usually love barry precisely because he makes fun of everything, but all of a sudden i am not so shure …
what are you saying there, dave?
i might have to find something else to do on saturday mornings. *snif*

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