nerdy fun w. osX software

virtue software iconvirtue is a cool piece of freeware that lets you set up various thematic desktops and switch between them with a few keystrokes. so for instance, if i work on some music, while at the same time i have my usual IM, email and browser apps running, virtue lets me organise all my audio apps on one desktop and the rest of them on an other desktop – and switch between them with a simple [command] [left arrow]. i can even asign visual cues to the various desktops, to help me see which one i currently am on. it can for instance switch desktop image from one desktop to the next. unfortunately my good old powerbook G4 with its 500MHZ processor and only 256 MB of SDRM poops out on this last gimmick. but the rest works perfect and comes in very handy.

quicksilver software iconquicksilver is a very intelligent search/launch tool with tons of plugins that allows me to intuitively search my harddisks, some applications, and even websites. say i want to launch virtue, for instance – i type in “vir” and receive a list of items starting with or containing “vir”, i can then quickly highlight and launch my app. but it does more. there is a plugin that lets me roam through my “recent documents” in bbedit and directly launch those. or i can use quicksilver to handle my IMs via adium. another plugin lists my bookmarks and lets me search them. and i have only just started to look into it. very smart, with tons of possibilities.

[both via, who knows these things…]

in a similar note: if you add /new/ to your uri you will receive a preview of some features that might get introduced there soon. so for instance: – much better!
[via i honestly forgot, damn…]

and more: bitsonwheels – an osx bit torrent client with a live 3d visualisation of your swarm | things osX – quite an extensive linkdump of all things osx | psp webbrowser – allthough we’d already be glad to get a psp to start with…

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