dircaster.php – podcasting – even more simple

people, who want to start to podcast without having to run a blog, or the extra blogcategory, only for their rss feeds, here’s a very simple solution:

dircaster.php is a php script that once it gets dropped into an mp3 folder will start to pick up an rss feed with enclosures of all the files added to that same folder from then on.

here are the instructions @ shadydentist.com:

1. Place this file on a server with supports PHP4 or greater.
2. Place MP3 files to feed in the same directory, add new files at will
3. Point iPodder to the URL of this file.
Ex. http://www.mysite.com/podcast/dircaster.php
4. Set the varibles at the top of the file to match your setup if you wish

so for instance the link http://pieceoplastic.ch/dircaster.php should pick up all my future pieceocast in an alternative fashion.

edit: just tested it, and it seems to work! woo
edit2: and even better, if you dont have a php4 enabled server: remote dircaster

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