sprech english or nicht?

wanna go out clubbing? in bern… ? are u shure?
i grab today’s newspaper and look through the club listings, but oh blimey, what do i my tired, anglophile eyes have to read?
it’s a strange phenomenon: all clubs in bern must have english names; even though we are a german speaking town, at least i think…. [?]
but what’s even worse, some clubnights are given names that are horrible, ridiculous and/or just plain bad english.
this saturday i find:

begin of spring
70’s up to 90’s
souladelic nihgts chapter two
[spelled exactly like that!]

and then there are those, who are not bad english per se but just really odd:

wild out
happy weekend party
saturday night fever
saturday night party

its a scandal!

i suggest: from now on all dj’s and clubpromoters must take english classes, and that ‘ll be mandatory!

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