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[stuff what got stuck in my browser tabs this last week or so]

banksy roundup:

:flash: as we are still in awe with banksy’s terrific action last week in new york we are glad to see it has created quite a stir: the radio interview w. banksy on nprthe reuters press statement.

easter bunny corner:

:flash: professional hasard of a chocolate bunny [via wooster]

:flash: bunny rap – this rapping bunny made the rounds last year, but its still cute.

:flash: bunny suicides – *chuckle* [via frau w.]

the we love em corner:

:flash: onion eating monkeys of omsk – “Monkeys at a village zoo in Omsk, Russia, are on hunger strike after their keepers failed to satisfy their addiction to onions. The little beasts are sitting in their monkey house, sulking, and refusing to eat the delicious bananas, kiwis and papayas prepared for them.” just think of the farts… [via popbitch newsletter]

flash corner:

:flash: net disaster – (i think this is done in flash?) now you can bring disaster upon any website you dislike, for instance: (goes well with the easter theme),, etc. [via 4rthur]

:flash: four seasons positions – kinda awful kinda kewl, flash animations of sex positions – sponsored by a condom brand. [via fleshbot, i believe…]

:flash: winner by 7 seconds of love – another fun anim with kittens by joel veitch [via b3ta]

rants & raves corner:

:flash: koalas are shit – apparently written by an 8th grader from pittsbourgh, and this may well be why the word “pits” is almost in the name of that place. “Koalas have sharp claws but they are weak. They all small and fat and they be climing trees.” [via al4ie]

:flash: glassdog: boing boing ka-ching ka-ching – boingboing is my daily news! but this guy definately has a point with his thoughts about the ads on boingboing. and even in the rss feed! tss [via waxy]

:flash: douglas rushkoff rant on the issues that moved america this last week or so – “President Bush has, for the very first time in is entire presidency, cut his vacation short in order to return to the White House and sign an arguably unconstitutional bill forcing a feeding tube to be shoved back down the throat of a brain-dead woman in Florida.”

geek corner:

:flash: PS3 – i quite like the look of this, but its a spoof i’m afraid [via hmmm… sorry]

:flash: howto set up a local mirror of your wordpress blog on macos x – does just that, and i will do this. someday. i promise.

:flash: yahoo creativecommons search – woo [via lessig]

:flash: top 10 bittorrent sites – [via sis]

mp3 outta da corner:

:flash: dj zebra – processed ring (de la soul vs kasabian) – lady sovereign – random (brucker and sinden remix) [via – ah i wish i was in manchester in april]


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