chocolate or suicide?

[…] draussen ist das wetter immer noch so grau, dass man denkt: jetzt hilft nur noch selbstmord. oder ein stück schokolade. (the weather outside is such that one thinks: the only solution is suicide. or some chocolate.)

chocolate godess the swiss used to have it.
but they gave it away.
like so many things.
their reputation is now nothing but a big lie.

the swiss used to make the best chocolate. and they still make a decent chocolate of the mass-produced kind.
but in the gourmet, speciality, high-quality sector of chocolate production they have long lost their pole position.
to italy. to france. to spain. to belgium.

a small company called domori in italy makes the best chocolate.
(and the worst website i might add… wtf? well to be honest its not that bad, because i was able to order this tasting basket. but please explain to me a page like this one. is it art? they say its the faq). they directly import their cacao beans from venezuela and they only add sugar in the process. if even that. their top of the line product is made up of 100% cacao beans.
and nothing else.

good chocolate is good for your health: its a strong antioxydant, helps the body deal with free radicals, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the body’s own serotonin production and its perfect for women during their pms.

anyway, all this i is nicely summed up in max küng’s “schoggilüge” in das magazin no 12-26.03. – 01.04.2005.

and now, lets enjoy the chocolate. bunnies or not. 100% guilt-free.

edit: actually dale disagrees as seen here: dale’s gourmet chocolate testing. for him, whoever he may be, its the french who make the best chocolate. but he agrees that the swiss are way behind, the first swiss chocolate comes in at position 67 with an 8+.

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